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    What is a Cesspit (Cesspool)?

    A cesspool is essentially a sizable, enclosed subterranean container that collects all waste water from a given property. Within the industry, cesspools are generally considered a last-resort option due to their high installation and upkeep costs.

    Typically, a cesspool is engineered to hold waste for about two to three months between scheduled cleanings, making its dimensions quite large.

    According to building codes, the minimum volume for a cesspool should be at least 18,000 litres (18 cubic meters) if it serves two users.

    The continuous operational expenses associated with a cesspool can be steep, as property owners must cover the cost of having waste water removed by a specialised vacuum tanker. This often makes the owner highly vigilant about water consumption.

    On the upside, cesspools do not necessitate a discharge permit and are not subject to general binding rules.

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    Cesspit Installation

    Installing an off-grid waste management solution like a septic tank, sewage treatment plant, or cesspit can be a complicated and intimidating process.

    Various rules and guidelines govern these off-grid drainage systems, covering everything from selecting the right type of tank for a property to determining the specific location and soil conditions for installation.

    It’s vital to make certain that any septic tank setup meets all regulatory standards; otherwise, you risk non-approval from Building Control and could even expose yourself to legal action.

    Leveraging our specialised knowledge, we guarantee that the systems we install on managed projects adhere to all relevant laws and regulations.

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    Installation Process

    Before beginning any installation, we arrange an on-site pre-works consultation with you to make sure you fully understand what will occur prior to, during, and after the installation process. This includes explaining the entire procedure, estimated timelines, and the possible need to clear obstacles like fences, walls, or shrubs for easier access and installation—all of which will be restored once the work is done.

    As we proceed with the installation, safety for both our installation crew and your household members remains a priority. We aim to minimize any inconvenience or disturbance to you and your family. For complex situations, such as projects involving multiple properties or tanks, our expertise in project management ensures that all parties involved are kept in the loop at every phase.

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