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    Pro Drainage Group prides itself on providing a professional service which is second to none throughout the UK.

    Family Run Business

    Family Run, Non Franchised

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    Our fleet of tankers are ready to serve your needs 24/7 and will always respond promptly what ever the weather. You can rely on us to get the job done quick.


    We are available 24/7 for all your tanker requirements. Our team are waiting for your call day or night.

    Home Buyer Surveys

    Purchasing a home is a landmark decision, one steeped in dreams and substantial investment. Pro Septic stands as your trusted ally in this journey, offering in-depth Home Buyer Surveys to secure your investment and ensure a home that is both safe and sound.

    Expert Evaluations

    Our team of seasoned professionals is adept at identifying potential issues that could become significant problems in the future. With a meticulous approach, we scrutinise the property’s drainage and septic systems, assessing their condition and functionality to give you a clear picture of the existing setup.





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    Home Buyer Surveys
    Reports and Recommendations


    Comprehensive Reports

    We believe in empowering home buyers with detailed insights. Our comprehensive reports delve into the nuances of the drainage and septic systems, highlighting areas that require attention and suggesting necessary improvements. This knowledge equips you to negotiate better terms and plan effectively for the future.

    Guided Recommendations

    Our surveys are not just about identifying issues but offering guided recommendations on how to address them. We provide you with a roadmap, advising on optimal solutions that ensure a hassle-free and healthy living environment.




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