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    Common Issues In Poole

    Whether you live in an urban area, a rural area, or somewhere in between, you are likely to be familiar with the phrase “septic tank.” Septic tanks collect sewage waste and process it before it is released into the environment.

    Unfortunately, they can become blocked and require professional assistance if you want them to work properly again.

    Your septic tank is a very important part of your plumbing system, and if it stops working properly, it can lead to serious health problems. Whether it’s overflowing or not working at all, the solution will be different for everyone. This blog post will help you find the correct solution for your specific septic tank problem and learn how to avoid future blockages.

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    What is a septic tank?

    A septic tank is a large underground container that holds water used in your house and is an important part of your home’s filtration system. When the water enters the tank, it mixes with other materials like soil and solid waste (i.e., toilet paper) that helps break down all those nasty things we flush down our toilets every day, like food scraps or even grease from cooking pots!

    Then this mixture flows through pipes called drain fields where more soil acts as additional filtration before being released back into nature at its natural rate—which means no need for expensive treatment plants!

    As well as doing the job they were designed to do, many people find their septic system to be a great place to grow plants. Flowers, vegetables, and herbs are often grown hydroponically in a flowerbed above the field for extra nutrients – and this can be done with minimal impact on existing plantings or lawns. More about this later on.

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    Common Issues

    While there are many reasons that a septic tank may become blocked, the most common include the following:

    • The septic tank is not being used properly.

    • The septic tank has been damaged or poorly installed (e.g., an insufficient slope).

    • The property is too small for its intended use, or the number of occupants changes unexpectedly (e.g., a new family member).

    • Debris from trees or other vegetation has entered the wastewater system at some point in time, causing blockages and overflows to occur more frequently than normal.

    Common side effects of having an overloaded septic tank

    Flatulence and heavy odors are two of the most common side effects of having an overstocked or overloaded septic tank.

    You may experience these symptoms when you flush the toilet or after using a garden hose – particularly around the septic tank. This usually indicates that your system is overloaded and there is not enough water getting to the treatment works without risking damage to your foundation or drainage field.

    You can prevent septic tank overload by:

    • Using eco-friendly products like dish soap, laundry detergent, and cleaners with low phosphate content

    • Running only full loads of laundry and dishes

    Final words

    Pro Septic Tanks have over 20 years of experience within the drainage industry and have extensive expertise in the installation, maintenance, and cleaning of septic systems. So if you have a septic tank that is overloaded, needs to repair a septic tank, or simply needs cleaning out, call us at Pro Septic Tank in Poole. We guarantee you:

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